Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Chelmsford 1 – 9 Castleside

Pictured : Something I couldn't do last night!
What a total disaster for the team last night – me in particular! This was my worst performance in memory, averaging a pathetic 30 points per throw in the Team Game, and things didn't get much better for me in the Doubles and Singles games.

My bad habit of raising my trailing leg when throwing was at it's worst – more of that later.

The task of picking Man Of The Match is an absolute no brainer this week, and it goes to Peter for scoring our only point in his Singles game. Roger had another good game and was unlucky not to win a match. Alan too deserved something.

Anyway, I'm dropped from the return leg next week, and rightly so. I now have two weeks to sort out this trailing leg problem. I'm going to put a portable TV just behind the oche's throwing line on my practice board. Hopefully this will stop my trailing leg from going too far back, and this in turn will prevent the unwanted lift just as I release the dart. For any of you who know the throw we have in The Chelmsford I'm told that last night my trailing leg was on the carpeted section at some points in the games! I have to break this habit, as it has seen my form plummet, and I'm now a worse player than I was before I started the practice and blogging over a year ago.

My practice for the next two weeks (both pub games and home practice) is totally geared towards getting rid of the trailing leg problem. I need to be able to keep it in check even when there is no portable TV behind me to stop it. It could raise eyebrows if I used it in League games, but strangely I don't think there'd be anything in the rules to stop me ;o)


Zeeple said...

Tommo take heart. Sometimes these lulls serve to herald in a new level of play. The darter you have always wanted to be might be just around the corner!

Tommo said...

Thanks Zeeple. The practice has gone well this week, and I've just about got the problem sorted. I'm using a big green pastic crate instead of a TV BTW :o)