Thursday, December 23, 2010

Team Cup > Shotley (A) 2 - 4 Chelmsford

Our darts weren't too good to say the least on Tuesday night. It is unusual for us to play three games and have so few decent shots or any sign of improvement as the matches went on. We were being outscored and this combined with the need for a double start meant that we were sometimes 300+ points behind in these 1001 DSDF matches. This was our worst darting display of the season.

Somehow we managed to ride our luck and win one of the games courtesy of a D1 finish by Mickey B (the D1 should tell it all), but we were rescued by the dominoes players from our team. Lena, Colin, and Willie made it a clean sweep to drag us somewhat unconvincingly into the next round.

On the night we lost the Darts 2-1, but the 0-3 Dominoes victory takes us through to the Semis, where I believe we meet our friends up at Blackhill Club.

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