Monday, December 27, 2010

Endorsed Products

I've just noticed that Best Darts are selling the Unicorn Golden Hero darts that I use without the endorsement of a player.

I can't even remember which players endorsed my two sets (Latinum finish for match night and Titanium finish for the practice board), but all the endorsement will have been will have been a picture on the box and some signature flights which were quickly binned and replaced with my own.

So without any endorsement they're 25% cheaper than I paid two years ago, and I think most of us would rather have the £9.00 difference in our own pockets? I only chose them because of their dimensions and 95% alloy, so the endorsement was of no real concern to me. Best Darts say "All these darts were made as part of Unicorn's Hero Golden range and were endorsed by various pro players. They will come re-packaged with the pro players signature flights replaced by plain flights". It's pity I don't need any replacements at the moment, because these are a real bargain.

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