Saturday, December 18, 2010

Jolly Drovers 1 - 9 Chelmsford

Still cold up here

The Jollies didn't get their game together on Tuesday and had some problems in score building. I know exactly how it feels when things take that sort of turn on the night, but we were very focused on our own game and I think the result was a fair one. We were allowed to settle and most of the finishes were not pressured. They can put this right in the return game though, as the point they won in the Singles was a good one in the closest game of the evening.

They have a Blade III board which would normally reduce the bounce-outs to "rare", but yet again Alan managed to get four of them on the night.

At last, some finishes which involve a treble to report : Peter finished on 115 in a Doubles game and I checked out on 92 in the Singles. Usual fayre you'd think, but so many of our finishes recently have just been three darts at a double.

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