Thursday, December 09, 2010

Chelmsford 4 - 6 Shotley Club (B)

The Derwent Walk

Shotley Club B team played a much better game than a fortnight ago and had us under pressure from the very start. We went 0-2 down, but just as in the Away leg it was all square at 2-2 after the Doubles games.

The big difference this week however was the Singles games where we only managed to win two of them, and we were struggling to match the high scoring of Shotley.

Again there were no big finishes but there were quite a few instances of using the board well to end up on a double. Our Man of The Match this week was Kris. He hit two of the winning doubles for us, with Peter and Michael getting the other two.

Footnote : Thanks to everyone for their support of my Movemer 'tache. We've raised £76.05 in cash, cheques, and on-line donations and my Donation Form is in the post.