Saturday, September 11, 2010

Shirt Idea

Picture courtsey of Rags

I love this shirt idea. I've had some great advice over the years. I've had a World Champion watch my throw and tell me what was wrong. International players from Trinidad & Tobago like Nannette Brooks and Rose, plus Bajan seniors such as Clyde. Closer to home Graham and the Derwentside crew at Blackhill and the seniors from our team like Parky and Peter.

They really helped me out and spent time with me to go through a few things.
And then there's the other. The absolute bo****ks you get from well meaning yet clueless idiots who don't "walk the walk" themselves. They'll criticise your finishing strategies while shouting out "something big down the bottom" like it is some sort of gem?

Please, if you're not mentioned in the first paragraph do us all a favour and STFU!

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Rags said...

LOL, thanks for the mention Tommo! This might sound interesting...

This shirt was a creation from an 18 year old recent high school grad, the daughter of my partner in darts crime. She has picked up darts in the last few months but hasn't played any tourneys or events, just tossing with us at the house and learning do far.

Anyway, she's extremely creative and one night we were all having a few "after darts beverages" and I asked her for a few ideas for the dart shirt web site. She came up with this one right away as if she'd experienced it. Sharp as a marble that kid...

Mine should be arriving UPS today, just in time for tonight's luck of the draw!