Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Blackhill 10 - 0 Chelmsford

This was not what it is all about . . .

Stephen Hawking has been asking some profoundly searching questions recently regarding the meaning of life and the universe(s). Well, I can confidently relay to Mr Hawking that last night's result against Blackhill Club is certainly not what it is all about. The Hokey Kokey is nearer to what it is all about than last night's outing!

We lost all of the dominoes games too, so basically it was a 16-0 thrashing, and it hurts. It's not that we played badly. In seven of the games we were looking at finishing doubles and only the Davey Gill 14 darter could be described as truly emphatic. But on nights like this one you just have to admit that if we want to take points from a team like BC we've got to raise it just that bit further.

There are perfect throwing conditions up there, with good lighting, an oche with no distractions and an assured aluminium strip, and an Eclipse Pro board with the box marked "Tuesdays Only". They're great people too, and rounded off with a superb pint of Samuel Smiths bitter it wasn't such a bad night after all.

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