Friday, September 17, 2010

The Brownie Points Thing

In the new arbitrary Brownie Points system for the Player Of The Season trophy there are points to be won and we'd better all know how it is done, so here goes: Brownie Points are collected for any of the following, plus anything noteworthy that anyone wants to bring to the table. That's why its arbitrary I suppose:
  • A Man Of The Match award
  • Scoring a 180
  • Hitting a winning double in Team / Doubles / Singles games
  • A 9 darter (hey, it could happen)
  • More realistically, a 15 darter
  • Consecutive ton forties
If anyone feels they have scored a Brownie Point which is not detailed here please come and see me after the game and talk to the hand. It's not that arbitrary for Juninho's sake :o)

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