Saturday, May 15, 2010

Player of the season 2009/10

Ebchester Darts Player of the Season trophy

The end of the season us nearly upon us with just four games to go against The Cricketers and Chopwell Central. The person who collected the most Player Of The Match awards will be picking up the little beauty in the photo.

I honestly don't know for certain who is in the lead as it my subconsciously affect the awards in the final games, but I think there'll be three players in contention. I obtained concensus awards for the games I missed, so this really will be the prize for a hard season's graft for one of us.

I wanted to try something a little different than the usual style trophies, and Darts Corner came up trumps with this design. It is quite small but heavy, and I can't see anyone's partner objecting to it being on display in the Living Room. You see, a lot of thought goes into this :o)

I'll ask Lena to present it on Trophy Night and get a pic for the blog.

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