Saturday, May 22, 2010

Cricketers 5 - 5 Chelmsford

It feels like Summer already up here

After a very strong start to this game it was disappointing to lose so many of the final six Singles games. There are a few new but familiar players in the Cricketers team this season and they played well as a team.

Bounce outs were a very common feature of the game, and I think Cricketers were suffering more than us on this count. There were at least 10 bounce outs, and I really think round wired boards with staples at the intersections have had their day. I could play all night on my Eclipse and not get a single bounce out, and for very little extra cost this type of board would make a real difference in League games.

At least three of our team were level pegging for the Man Of The Match award after the Team and Doubles games, but in the final Singles game of the night I felt it was Peter who edged forward to take the title with a good display and a 93 finish (T19, split D18, D9) to make it 5-5.

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