Saturday, May 29, 2010

Chelmsford 3 - 7 Cricketers

I was unable to attend the game on Tuesday night due to a chronic case of the Brad Pitts, and the other end wasn't faring much better I'm afraid.

The feedback I've received from Mickey B was upbeat for a losing scoreline though, and he enjoyed the game. Sadly we've moved down a place in The League but I feel there is a lot of learning going on this season and its good to hear such positive feedback about the night as a whole rather than just regret for the final score.

I fully acknowledge Kris' award of Man Of The Match to Mickey on his site, but Mickey himself has graciously told me he'd prefer it to go to Roger for finding the T20 so often and playing to the full. So I'll give it to Roger on gut feeling. And I've had plenty of that this week!

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