Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cup Doubles Competition

Practice shot on the Mad House

Roger and I got through to the next round of the Cup Doubles competition last night at the Wheatsheaf in Leadgate. We didn't play very well but managed to scrape through 2-1 against Buck and Dawn from Stanley Masons in a game where none of the four will have been happy with our performances.

The other games on the night were of a much higher standard, and Roger and I will have to play far better than we did to get any further when the next round is played next March.

To take a positive I thought our finishing was decent, but that usually happens when the score building isn't good.

Meanwhile back at The Chelmsford Alan P and Peter M got through with a "bye".


Anonymous said...

A win is a win, whether pretty or not. Good luck in the next round.

Tommo said...

Thanks Kevin. It keeps the season alive for us.