Saturday, September 06, 2008

Tommys Darts news

I've just received an e-mailed newsletter from Pure Darts, the on-line presence for Tommy's Darts. There are a few new products worth a mention:

They now print personalised text on flights using the hot foil process. They have been doing something similar for quite a while, but this time you can choose the type of flight the message is printed on, and importantly you can opt for the strong R4X flights. I've had flights printed in the past, but until now they used the ordinary flights which are not as durable as the R4Xs.

New to their products are football flights, football stems, UK County emblem flights, and some new international flights.

The Deflectagrip Nylon Stems I use are now at a rock bottom price of just 13p per set, and they're doing a range of 95% Tungsten alloy darts at just £12.99 per set. There's not much choice in the 27g weight I prefer, but the other weights seem well represented. Take a look at their site - the range is huge.


Pat Brennan said...

Hi, I was searching for a supplier of personalized photo flights and found your blog. Do you have any recommendations for companies that can provide that service? It would be for custom flights, not adding text to existing designs.

Tommo said...

Hi Pat. I've had several types of printed flights, all from Tommys Darts, and they do worldwide delivery. The nearest thing to your needs that I have experiences is having them print my own jpeg onto flights. Have a look at on this blog.

By using a white background to the logo and printing it on plain white flights it gives a fully customised look. I can't seem to locate the service on Pure Darts, but contact them and ask for a printed catalogue, and I'm fairly sure the service will be in there. It definately appeared in last year's catalogue and I don't think they'd drop the service. They accept most picture formats and it seems to work best if you can supply it in a square aspect.

Tommo said...

PS : Check out all of the posts from 2005 listed on the left navigation bar - You'll see many different tyes of personalised flights and stems.

jhonalex said...

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