Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Castleside 1 - 9 Chelmsford

Practice darts

Our opening game of the season went well with a victory against some new faces in the Castleside team. Castleside were capable of getting more points from this game, but we finished well in most of the games to minimise their chances.

We fielded our new player Chris, and he did well in his first League game. He's only just bought his own set of darts and started practicing but he fitted in well and won a Singles point.

My practice on the lower doubles during the week paid off as I finished a D19 quite well, but I struggled to get a good first dart into the 20 on a few occasions, often trying to rescue shots by covering on 19's.

Elsewhere on the night The Wheatsheaf beat The Turf 9-1 away.


Anonymous said...

jay here tommo

u did well on tuesday

i didnt get a game of darts as we have a really strong team now and there was 3 of us that had to be dropped

i won my doms though so happy

Tommo said...

Hi Jay. We have a large squad signed to play, so I'm sure I won't get to play every week. It puts the pressure on to keep winning your Singles games.