Monday, February 25, 2008

Ruthless Xtra Strong Poly

I thought I'd mention on here that the Ruthless Xtra Strong Poly flights I've been using since November 2007 have been quite a discovery, and I won't be buying any other type now. I understand from that the extra strong polyester they use is 33% thicker than other polyester flights.

I used to have to replace my flights every week (I once wrecked a set in a single session!), but these ones last far longer and retain a perfect “+” shape even after Robin Hood shots where a dart lands right on top of the previous one thrown.

The durability is great, but there are two other important advantages I've noted ; stem grip springs are no longer necessary, as the fit is so good there is no slack. Secondly, the tight fit means that I very rarely damage a stem with an incoming dart. Usually when that happens the dart bounces back and doesn't score, so they may even be improving the total number of scoring darts?

It's definitely worth adding a set to your next order to see for yourself. They're widely available, with Pure Darts being a good buying option.


Anonymous said...

Knowing of your history for mixing with the stars (like John lowe), I thought you might like to know that Bob Anderson is doing a Q & A, and playing a few legs against some lucky punters (drawn out of the hat on the night) at the Derwentside on Friday 14th March. Details and tickets available from the pub. Cheers, Alan (Derwentside Captain)

Tommo said...

Alan, thanks for letting me know and I'll definitely be there with Deb. Please hold me some tickets back if we need them. It sounds great.