Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Practice Night

None of these on Tuesday

With no league games to compete in until September and only two friendly games arranged we had a fairly low key practice night on Tuesday. It was interesting to see the same type of things as on some match nights ; really slack shots from most of us, with only Alan P being on target.

That's OK on a practice night, but not when it happens in a League game - when it matters. It's hard to learn anything from it though.

Towards the end of the night I was getting plenty of good shots in, but had it been a league game this would have been at the point in the night when the opponents had left and we would be just winding down with a few friendly games. I would also be the time when you'd hear lots of "Why didn't you do that in the game?" type comments, and if only I knew the answer . . .


DartDawg said...

I like the black shaft red flight combo... That's my Tiger Woods Sunday combo.

Tommo said...

Cheers Dartdawg. I bought some different couloured stems the other month (red and blue), but they just make the darts look cheap and plasic like. Black is the way to go - any coulour of flight looks good on black stems.

Boring though these nylon Deflectagrip stems are, they are just so practical. I can destroy a set of aluminium or even titanium stems in a single session.