Tuesday, July 22, 2008

One Week Trial - Alloy Stems

This week I'm trialing the "Silver" Short Alloy 35mm stems from Pure Darts. I'm going to give them a try for a full week and see if they offer anything over the Deflectagrip Nylon Original stems I normally use.

I'll post the results next Monday, but in the meantime there are some general observations I've noted following the first session with them :

  • Although labeled "Short" they are actually in between the "Short" and "Medium" lengths of the Deflectagrips. This caused my first few shots to land in the board at a steeper angle, but after a few minutes I seemed to have sub consciously adjusted and the angle of attack is now perfect.
  • Those "holes" you can see in the picture allow you to put a dart point through them to tighten them up firmly. Despite this I found that they became loose a couple of times, so you'd need some Silicone "O" Rings to stop this from happening.
  • They look great. I'm sure there's no silver in the alloy, and I notice they put quotes around the "Silver" description. They're probably mostly aluminium, and they look really slick. it may sound irrelevant, but it's good to have kit which looks the part.
So, I'll now give them a full week's work-out and post the results.


DartDawg said...

Say it aint so Tommo.
I hope to see you back from the dark side after the 1 week trial.

Tommo said...

I have too many spare sets of Deflectagrip to waste by switching, but I'll give the aluminium ones a try. Also, there are some Harrows titanium ones for next week.

Zeeple said...

I am very glad to see you playing around with different configuration options Tommo. The options are nearly unlimited as to what you can do with a simple set of darts. I have several large buckets full of different shaped flights I have experimented with over the years and a huge collection of miscellaneous stems as well.

Lately I have been preferring the medium nylon stems on a shorter barreled dart. The darts I have been throwing the most lately are a thin pencil style dart that is only 43 mm long so a medium nylon stem works quite well. On some of my sets I only use aluminum (or unicorn titanium) stems as those seem to fit the dart better, and you absolutely right, they will shake loose if you do not use something. o-rings are a good temporary fix but if you ever settle on non-nylon stems I'd recommend some blue lock-tight type stuff to put on the threads. It'll dry and glue the stem in place but you'll still be able to unscrew them if you ever wanted too. Nail polish also works (so I am told), but I have never tried it.

I hope you like the new stems!

Tommo said...

Funny you should mention the Unicorn Titanium flights Zeeple, as they will be trialed next week.

Agreed, the nylon ones aren't immune to becoming loose (especially after a bounce out) so thanks for the tip for securing them.