Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Chelmsford 5 - 5 Smelters

Our return leg against The Smelters ended in a draw last night. I thought The Smelters were the stronger for having Harry in their team after he sat out the first leg, and he scored well all night.

Yet again we won the opening Team Game, making it an incredible 86% success rate in this 1001X game for the season so far. From that point we seemed to cancel ourselves out, and neither of us took any big leads.

My own good run of results came to an end. I was beaten in my Doubles game with Alan P, and also in my Singles game against Brian. My big problem all night had been hitting the doubles, and I must have had six attempts at a finishing double in the three combines games I played in. This is simply not good enough, and I'll be bashing the practice board doubles overr the coming week prior to our game at the Jolly Drovers on 12th Feb.

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