Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Chelmsford 8 - 2 Jolly Drovers

We had a good night on Tuesday, matching last week's result with an 8-2 win. The games were closer than last week though, and I think the score line flatters us slightly. The problem for the Drovers seemed to be their strongest players were a bit off form and they let us off the hook when they had chances to take points. Still, we need those points given that we will soon sit a couple of weeks out due to the uneven number of League teams (15), and the other teams will be putting points on the board while we stand still. We don't get many League updates, but I think our scoring has been good enough to keep us in 4th place.

My own form continues to be erratic, but I was really thankful to win my games ; a 2 dart finish on 72 in the Team game (T12, D18), Peter got the D1 I kindly left him in the Doubles game (hey, he left me the 3!), and I did OK in my Singles to finish on D2 against the darts to Chris. An awful lot of my first darts were into the 1 or 5 though and this is not a great time for me at the moment.

Paul from the Drovers entertained us with some great jokes and it was a good night.

We have a break next Tuesday while the League Singles competition progresses. We'll still meet up in The Chelmsford though and there will be some sort of darts competition modest prizes to go for. I just hope I don't hit form on a night that doesn't matter.


Anonymous said...

Good work Chelmsford! Keep it up.

Tommo said...

Thanks Kevin. Hey I'd better improve by next Tuesday because its all a bit flat at the moment.