Sunday, April 15, 2007

Darts for the new season

I've just received my new darts for next season. The other sets have taken some hammer and have lost a bit of their grip, so I've picked up a set of direct replacements ; Hi Tec “The Vice” 27grms. My attempts to move down a few grammes didn't really work for me. 26grms was OK, but 25grms was a step too far so I'll stick with the ones I've been throwing for the past two years since I moved up here.

This set are particularly well machined. The tips are perfectly true with no wobble when spun in the point protector. Also, the shark grip is far neater than the other ones. The points are 3mm longer, presumably because they have never been sharpened. I'll have to watch out for this and not overdo the sharpening.

The Harrows Natural Aluminium stems in the picture have been well and truly tried out by me, but I'm not going to use them any more. Aside from the usual problem of them becoming loose no matter how hard they are initially tightened they actually become bent on certain bounce outs when they hit the floor. I went through three of them in just one day, so it's back to the nylon ones for me. Sometimes the simple designs are the best, and if I go to Barbados again this year I don't want gear which will let me down.

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