Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Double Ones

Pictured : The Mad House
It continues to be quiet on the darting front, and my practice is suffering. I’ve got some awful DartPro stats for the last two months, and I’m struggling to even get an average of 50 in the games of 501 including the finish. The trend is upwards though, and I hope to be back in the mid 50’s when the season starts (date not yet confirmed – it was September 6th last season).

At least the practice shot (pictured) was an unusual moment of perfection. My least favourite double on the board totally nailed! Let this give me some hope that I can find accuracy – at times.

Needless to say, I'd never dream of using these pink flights in public. Well, not after the stick I got last time, anyway :o)


Zeeple said...

Hahaha, first Tommo, you shouldn't let your sense of masculinity be so fragile. I have a pink water bottle that I take on camping trips and no one says a lick to me about it (prob cause I never am insecure about it lol).

And well done on the doubles trick. In the states we call it 'Bones' when you get down to 2 remaining, I think because we signify it by marking an 'X' on the chalkboard. I used to say that this was the most important double to practice on a dartboard because ALL games eventually come down to bones on bones.

I was a newbie though, playing against other newbies and we were all lucky to hit the round thing on the wall. Good times those.

Tommo said...

I think the flights are great - they're like a purpley flourescent pink, and make great markers to follow with darts 2 and 3. I just couldn't concentrate with all the barracking I was getting!

When finishin on 59 I'll go T19, hoping to hit the S19 to leave D20, but not being too worried if I do hit the T19 and leave D1. I feel happier with D1 if I end up there intentionally.