Sunday, August 20, 2006

Regional Finalists!

That's right – The Chelmsford are now regional finalists in that cup competition I've been tracking on here. Our scheduled opponents from Jarrow sadly had to withdraw and grant us a “by” into the regional finals on Kenton Road (Newcastle Upon Tyne) on Saturday 2nd September.

I'm genuinely disappointed to get to the biggest match in my two years with the team by virtue of a “by”, but we must now take the opportunity with both hands and play out of our skins in Newcastle.

I gather the venue is large, and there'll be a gallery of floor standing dart boards with several matches being played concurrently. We are not allowed to wear any clothing which shows a commercial logo of any kind other than the sponsors' logos. I don't think I have many totally plain T shirts, but I'll have to dig one out as this is a very strict rule.

This is the biggest event I've ever been involved in. I'll be practicing like mad, and I'll take my camera and do a full spread on this blog when I get back!


middenrat said...

fvrsfblimey well done Simon and The Chelmsford Darts Team, good luck in the Final.

Tommo said...

Thanks Phil. There'll be loads of teams there and we just want to avoid getting knocked our in the first round. Early start and a long day, so we're all on beer rations!

mcvickj said...

Good luck Tommo. I'm looking forward to your future post with the pictures. :)