Thursday, July 20, 2006

Cup Game : Chelmsford 12 – 6 Punch Bowl

On a hot and muggy evening up here in deepest NE England we slogged out two cup games in just one night to overcome another “all ladies” team from Craghead's “Punch Bowl”. Summer commitments meant it suited both teams to play both legs at The Chelmsford on the same night.

Lena opted to play different teams in the two legs, with only one or two of us (not me) appearing in both games. Strength in depth, eh! I played in the first leg, winning my Doubles game paired with Brian, and also my Singles game. No losses from me, which I'm relieved about considering my real difficulties in focusing hard on the games given the heat. I'm really glad we get a break from the League over these hottest months, as it's almost impossible to get the adrenaline going. Given my abject warm up darts I suppose I raised my game in comparison, and at least hit my double (X9) at the first time of asking.

Overall, we lost the first match, but stormed back to win the first leg 8-1. You'd think there would not be much to do in the second leg, but we made extremely hard work of it, and only sewed the match up late in the evening after an incredible fight back from Punch Bowl. Thanks to Lyndon for keeping the bar open and keeping us all watered.

So, we're almost into the last 32 of the Draught Bass / Holsten Darts Classic draw. There are odd numbers, and by our reckoning there are 37 teams left, so we need to see how they'll handle the next round. Reaching the last 32 means £100 per team, so there's money on it :o)


Zeeple said...

Good to see you blogging again Tommo. So which case do you use then? The one in this pic, or the one in the pic below?

Tommo said...

Cheers Zeeple. I'll be putting some more ideas up for close season training.

The thin plastic case is used on my "pub" set (old and worn), and the Wallet type one is for my "match" set (newer, truer points). TBH there's not a lot of difference between all three sets I have, and can use any of the three sets for in house practice, pub, or matches. I just get into habbits I suppose.

Zeeple said...

You sound like a baseball player. Baseball players are HIGHLY susperstitious.