Wednesday, December 14, 2005


I’ve been ill with one of these bugs that are doing the rounds since last Friday, and I’ve only just returned to normality. The blogging has suffered, and there are two things to report :

Thursday 8/12/05; Chelmsford 3 – 6 Golden Lion (Cup)
As expected Golden Lion eased their way into the next round of the Boddington’s Cup after the formality of this return leg. On the night however they weren’t quite as focussed as the previous week, and we were a little unlucky only to chalk 3 points. Myself and Jean won our Doubles game, with Singles wins from Peter and Alan.

Tuesday 14/12/05; Chelmsford 5-5 Shotley Club
I was unable to attend this game. I presume Brian made his Chelmsford debut, and the result is a good one against a team who are slightly higher than us in the League. The dominos were not going well at the time this result was ‘phoned in to me by Lena.


Zeeple said...

Nice robin hood, Tommo. So are those darts treating you as well as the old 27 grammers? Now that I got the tommy's catalogue I just might order a set.

Tommo said...

You'll not believe this, but I've slipped back to the old 27grm darts not too long after buying the 26grm ones. Not only that, but they're a particularly well worn set of old 27grmers at that, and I prefer these to the two newer sets I have of them.

It's not a waste of money though, a I slip between the two types really easily, and I'll no doubt be back on the new ones some time soon.

I can recommend both types if you're thinking of trying them from Tommy's. They *do* attract barell wear on the shark cuts, but this doesn't seem to spoil their grip - they just don't look as good as when they were pristine :o)