Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Chelmsford 4 – 6 Leadgate Cricket

As I forecast last week this return leg was indeed tight, but on the night it was Leadgate Cricket who pushed that bit harder and grasped the win. Nonetheless, 9 points from a team in the top half of the League table isn’t a bad return for us over the two legs.

We lost the opening Team game, but they needed to finish well in this game as we had turned around a poor start and were catching up with them. We then went 0-2 down in the first Doubles game, and this set the tone for a night of chasing the game. We did quite well in catching them, but lost the last Singles match of the night to lose 4-6 overall.

I sank winning doubles in my Doubles (paired with Roger) and Singles games. They were small finishes of X5 and X1 respectively, but the X5 was taken with the first dart, and I feel this week’s practice on small finishes has been useful.

Our two other points came from Alan in his Singles game and also in his Doubles game paired with Peter. Man Of The Match goes to Alan. In particular his Doubles match with Peter was a very high standard of mostly 100+ shots.

Again their senior player (Alan) excelled, scoring consecutive 140’s and narrowly missing out on 180 on more than one occasion. He only recently stopped playing for the County, still plays for 5 teams 5 nights per week, and it really shows.


jcoulson_uk said...

that wasnt a bad result for you.

we lost at home 6.4 but had a couple of players missing last night.

i know the alan your on about he used to be my doubles partner at one time.hes not bad for a 70plus player

Zeeple said...

close one tommo. i wish our matches this season were even that close lol. nice pic.

Tommo said...

Jay > Alan P on our team knows him and reckons he's 80+? I'm really glad I didn't draw him in the Singles agin.

zeeple > Thanks. I put the pic through a few Paint Shop Pro effects filters, but can't remember which. I need some stock pics I think.

Zeeple said...

I finally got my catalogue from Tommy's, and I have to say it was well worth the wait. They have a great selection and their custom flights page has my mind working overtime. They should get some ecommerce going.