Friday, December 02, 2005

Golden Lion Feedback

The Board : A Winmau Blade II in good condition. No bounce outs off the wire. My only bounce out was a ricochet off a dart barrel.
Lighting : Three bulbs set well back from the board. It was just a little dim on the board.
Oche : A portable "proper" oche with a few inches of elevation. I love these, as you can dig your foot in and not worry about being foul of the line.
Beer : This was a really cheap place to drink. The Boddingtons was only £1.60, and we opted to stay here after the game and play our Team game of Golf. I’ll have to post the rules on here – it’s a great game for 4 or more players.
Food : Not applicable / none laid on for this cup game.
Comments : It was a very quiet, so we virtually had the place to ourselves. We won’t be playing the Golden Lion again in the near future as they are in the other local league, so this was a great opportunity for me to play against new players (some were familiar from other League teams and had signed for the Golden Lion in this cup competition), and play at a different venue.


jcoulson_uk said...

i forgot about this match i was suppost to be there watching it.

they have a brilliant team

c dominey
r foreman
b fletcher
d brown
d bridge
b thompson

that team would win our tuesday night league.

im not in any of these comps this year

middenrat said...

no grub? no comment. except that's shite, that is. bit like the result hehe.
nice lookin blog, r kid :)

Tommo said...

Jay - I recognised a few of them from other teams including yours of course.

middenrat - thank you for the brotherly ribbing! See you soon.