Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Commercial 8 - 2 Chelmsford

Pictured : The Commercial after their win.
Commercial beat us fairly comprehensively tonight. I settled in really quickly in the opening Team game, scoring 100 with my first throw, followed by 60 and then another ton. I then missed my double, but so did the entire team as we let this point slip away.

In my Doubles game I kept the momentum going, scoring a 140 and a 180 (my second of the season). My other shots were decent, but my finishing was poor, and myself and Lena lost this one too.

In my Singles against Alan I had to really scrape out a win with my scoring deserting me. No good scores at all in this game, and I had to rely on Alan messing up his finish. I messed up mine too, twice hitting T16 when I wanted S16 to leave me a double. Luckily, I regained (or actually "found") my composure to finish on 48 in 3 darts (S8, then D20).

The Lowlight was watching my scores tail away in the Singles game, but the highlights were my second 180 of the season, and a valuable Singles win in a game I had to chase.


jcoulson_uk said...


that pic is terrible isnt it andy of the com lol

we drew 5.5 with derwentside away and won 4.1 at doms

im not turning up when we play the nak i hate my pic took

Tommo said...

Don't worry about the pictures - I ask permission for all pics taken, and won't publish anything without the person agreeing. I have some pics of Lena she has forbidden me to use, and I respect that :o)

I only got this shot because Andy had heard about my blog, so I pushed my luck and asked them for a team photo. Shy bairns and all!

Unless you guys agree in advance I'll only use external shots of the C&H when we play.

jcoulson_uk said...

no seriously u can take a pic of me and some of the team wont mind i dont think

my pic is already on the net off a few years ago

Tommo said...

Brilliant - anything you can wangle will be appreciated.