Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Chelmsford 4 - 6 Commercial

Pictured : Lyndon and Catherine
A bad overall result, but for only the second time in recollection I really was "in the zone" (tm) tonight, and I won my Doubles game with Willie, and my singles game against Sammy.

I was very focused tonight to a high degree, and in all three games I can’t remember anything but solid scoring and good finishing. Loads of 60’s, 59’s, 58’s, and the odd ton too. Not spectacular, but very solid, and that’s almost more satisfying than hitting big shots but the odd poor shot to spoil it.

My lowlight was hitting a D7 instead of the intended S7 when finishing in the Team game (a game we went on to lose), but the highlights were nice tight finishing in the Doubles game (19 = S3, D8 in two darts) and a reasonable finish on D10 in the Singles game. I’m more than satisfied with my performance tonight.


jcoulson_uk said...

unlucky on your loss

we won(coach) 7.3 at home to the cricketers

and won doms 4.1 (i lost again)

i wasnt playing darts though as i asked captain to drop me

Tommo said...

We might claw some points back from them next week, as we seem to be getting better results "away".

Sorry to hear you didn't play in the return leg, but that was an impressive "double" you did on the Cricketers - well done! I don't know anything about C&H yet, but you're obviously a good team.

jcoulson_uk said...

we have players

called l rushdon
r foreman
p fail
i hambleton
g appleby

dont know if u know them theve been on circuit for years

Tommo said...

I've only been living here for 15 months, so I only know a handful of players' first names. What I do know is if you're beating the Cricketers you're going to be in the top few, so we're going to have to raise our game for you guys in November :o)

Zeeple said...

Tough week for darts tommo. I had a mediochre night on Tuesday as well. All I could hit was bull and that didn't salvage the evening.

jcoulson_uk said...

our team is ok but we only have about 9 players and some work shifts so arent there all the time

i hambleton played for the cricketers last season hes only 18 but great player

i know willie off your team and peter and lena

maybe a couple of others