Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I have three of our games to report upon. Firstly, I missed the return leg against Chopwell B on 30/10/2012 due to a commitment, but Kris Cameron sent me an emailed report.

Apparently we were down to the bone squad wise. Chopwell didn't play as well as the previous week, but were still out scoring us. Kris hit D8 for us in the team game which was close all the way down. The Doubles games weren't so close but poor finishing from Chopwell was letting us get to finishes,  which we missed. Alan and Kris took points from the singles. Alan faced young Scot who was on a finish after 9 darts but again poor finishing allowed Alan to nick the game with D4. Kris had a close run game with Davey Reed which he also nicked with D2. The final score was Chelsmford 3 - 7 Chopwell B.

We then played Leadgate Cricket Club on 6/11/2012 and it was a bit of a low point in our season. We were't that bad and even took the opening point of the evening when Mickey finished on 32, but LCC always seemed to have enough to take the points, and Ian's 20 finish in the second Singles game was to be our last contribution to the score card. The final score was Leadgate CC 8 - 2 Chelmsford.

To bring us bang up to date we played the return leg against Leadgate Cricket Club last night, and thankfully we were able to get a bit of pride back. To be honest they seemed to drop the pace from last Tuesday, but we tightened up a bit too to bring the games more into our favour. Ian again finished the Team game and we also took two of the three Doubles points to put us in an early 3-1 lead. Last week had already been bettered! However, they returned to form in the Singles games, and only Kris and Peter were able to win their Singles games. The final score was Chelmsford 5 - 5 Leadgate Cricket Club.

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