Friday, November 30, 2012

Chelmsford 3 - 7 Coach and Horses

A disappointing night's darts for us on Tuesday. The scoring was OK, even very good in certain parts of the games, but our finishing deserted us time and time again. Typical of this was the opening team game of 1001X where we ploughed ahead to get down to the finish with throws to spare, but we faltered and CaH crossed the line with their good finishing.

The three Doubles games were quite good for us however, and we took a 2-1 lead with finishes from Kris (on 24) and Alan (on 20). These were to be our last points gained until Peter won his Singles point in the penultimate game of the evening with a 58 finish.

CaH's finishing was worthy of the points though, and no complaints from us because we all know just how important it is to close games when the chances arise.

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