Friday, May 27, 2011

Wheatsheaf 6 - 4 Chelmsford

We did quite well to get 4 points on Tuesday. We were hitting the odd good shot but not getting true consistency, and we quickly found ourselves 3-1 down. A good showing in the final 6 Singles games was almost enough to see us sneak a draw, but I think the result was a fair one.

The main highlights were from the Wheatsheaf players, with a 180 from Rob, and a very stylish 120 Shanghai finish from Shaun who had to step well to the right to get his last dart in. Our best effort was a 72 finish from Alan (S20, S20, D16) with the rest of our finishes being under 50.

I'll hold back on a Man Of The Match for us this week as none of us really excelled, and this keeps things really tight for the result of our Player of The Season trophy. It is "as you were" from the last post, and looking like a two horse race between Alan and Kris.

We have a Race Night at The Chelmsford on Saturday night 28th May 2011 in support of the darts team, and I hope the Champions League final does not lose us any support for this event. At least you can mention any one of the darts team on Twitter without flouting a super injunction, and you won't catch any one of us messing about with glamour models - we're really noble like that :o)

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