Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Commercial 5 - 5 Chelmsford

Practicing "Tops"

Sadly, The Commercial was closed and demolished last year, but the good news is that the team stayed together and now play from The Coach and Horses in Leadgate, playing under their original team name.

There have been changes in the Coach's layout. They no longer use the raised oche which I preferred due to the throwing line, but no complains with the new Blade 3 board they now use on the other wall, and as expected with such a decent board there was just one bounce-out on the night.

We won an opening Team Game where we had built up a lead to get down to the finish first against the darts. The remaining nine games were far closer though, and The Commercial checked out their finishes better than we did, taking a 5-2 lead. We had to press really hard to take the final three Singles points and get a draw which had seemed unlikely at the halfway point.

There was some good scoring and finishing from both teams. The Commercial registered a 180 in the first Doubles game with their next score being a ton to make a real dent in the 701 required.

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