Thursday, March 03, 2011

Moorcock "B" 5 - 5 Chelmsford

We were a little lucky to get a draw against The Moorcock "B" team as one of their players was missing. This meant that one Singles point was given to us by default, and then in a Doubles game we had the odd situation of two of our players taking on just one of theirs. This means the solo player has to score twice as highly as the opponents to stand any chance, and unsurprisingly Mike and Roger took the point.

We also had a slight advantage in the Team game as they had to skip one turn in each six throws. However, Kris's finish for us was a well taken 74 (T14, D16) so the point didn't feel like a gift.

Moorcock "B" are a young team of mostly tall players and they always looked the more likely to get the several 140's which peppered the games. It was their big scores which swung a couple of legs in which we were doing well up to that point. If they can get all six players to our place for the return game we are going to have to raise our game to get a result.

Man Of The Match was Kris. In addtion to the aforementioned 74 in the Doubles he finished on 42 points in his Singles game and was the only one of us to hit two winning doubles.

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