Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Derwentside 2 - 8 Chelmsford

The Swing Bridge, Newcastle

We had a fantastic result against a good Derwentside team last night, almost 4 years to the day since they beat us 9-1 in the same fixture up in Blackhill. Looking back at previous results we seem to take it in turns to get a high scoring win, and certainly we're well matched pair of teams.

In the opening team game we were 200 points behind and beaten at a canter, so it was a relief to quickly equalise and then press on with six consecutive points. There was great hospitality as always, with the use of the back room, a roaring open fire, a choice of cask ales, and a good buffet.

Peter, Kris, and Alan all hit two winning doubles each, but Man Of The Match goes to Michael for a very steady 501 Singles display in which his first five throws were all high scoring and had him down to a small finish.

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