Friday, January 07, 2011

Chelmsford 6 - 4 Jolly Drovers

We were very rusty in our first League game since 18th December and our scoring was lower than in previous games. It was all a bit erratic from us which led to some frustration. The Drovers on the other hand played a stronger game than in the Away leg and were well worth their points.

We took a 4-1 lead but The Drovers upped their performance in the six Singles matches to win three of them, with Danny and Maureen in particular playing very steady darts for them.

There would have been a tie for man of the match as our 6 points were shared equally between three players, but I'll give it to Peter for getting our highest finish of 60 and being the most consistent on the night.

Next Tuesday we are all spread to the winds to play the Singles Cup competition at the various venues.


oowashi said...


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I have added your site to my site.

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Tommo said...

Absolutely! "Darts and Life With Dog" just about sums me up :o)

I'll add the the link as soon as I can figure out how to translate it.