Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Shotley Club (A) 6 - 4 Chelsmford

Picture of Shotley Bridge by Dennis Lovett

Shotley Club is becoming a very familiar venue to us following our two friendly games up there in August, plus the fact we play their B team shortly too.

The opening team game of the night will live long in the memory - but not for the right reasons. I think all 12 players had 3 throws each at the finishing double, which unsurprisingly ended up being D1. Shotley ultimately hit it and then went into a 3-0 lead.

Both teams were hitting similar scores, but Shotley were more precise in their finishing.
Poor finishing stayed with us during the night and we needed to win the final two Singles games of the evening to avoid defeat by a bigger margin.

They have a nice Blade III board up there, and there were no bounce-outs as far as I can remember.


Anonymous said...

Obviously the tash is making you throw lopsided try shaving half of it off and stand with one leg behind the other.........simples


Tommo said...

Heh - great to hear from you Les. If only it was that simples!

The whole Movember thing has been quite a cunning charity forfeit by them. Very few people would walk around with a look that even they themselves would point at and laugh in the street :o)