Thursday, November 18, 2010

Chelmsford 1 - 9 Shotley Club (A)

What an awful night for us. We were outscored in almost all of the ten games by Shotley, and they didn't spoil a single finish. Just good high scoring with plenty of tons and 120+ shots, and very efficient finishing. They played a great game and it was a pity to lose our unbeaten Home run with such an emphatic defeat.

The one exception was Peter's Singles game where he won the match in 18 darts with a 112 finish. So at least we avoided "the brush" in style, and there is plenty of room for improvement against their "B" team next week.

It's really hard to think who the Man Of The Match was. Only kidding, and two Brownie Points awarded to Peter. I think the rest of us will be hammering those practice boards

Huge thanks to my team mates, who swelled the 'Tache fund by £16.05 on the night. The 5p was just a joke by the way, and the fund now stands at £32.30, with only the online donations visible at the moment on my Mo Space page.

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