Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Finishing School

Last night was our induction into the Finishing School which Kris has organised for our close season Tuesdays. A points system and leader board is being used and there'll be a modest prize for the eventual winner.

The aim of the competition is to check out from high finishes (last night it was 100 to 90) in just three darts. There is no point in getting down to 32 or 40 for example, as missing the finish with three darts is simply a fail and you start again on the next throw.

I think we were a little surprised at just how difficult this can be. When throwing for 100 a stray shot into the S1 is simply "throw over", and quite a few times a good first two darts were let down by the final dart. It was hard work, and it makes a welcome change from just bashing away at the T20 - although admitedly that was the main target with the first dart!

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