Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Finals Night 2010

We were very well represented in Finals Night up at Leadgate Cricket Club last night, and with so many of us taking part it would have been a shame to walk away empty handed. And thankfully it was Colin who won our only trophy in the Dominoes Singles competition.

Myself and Roger went out of the Doubles competition 3-1 in the first game of the evening, only to be followed by Peter and Alan. I really enjoyed the game though, and this will be one I'll remember just like the Singles game against Davey Gill last season.

Our best chance of a darts trophy was in Peter's Singles game. He forced a 2-0 lead against Ray but ran out of steam slightly to lose 3-2. There was a high standard of game as you'd expect from these two.

Well done to Colin in the doms though, and this season's cup competitions have been very eventful for The Chelmsford.

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