Friday, April 02, 2010

Team Cup Night

There was no game for us on Tuesday as we were knocked out in the first round of the Team Cup competition which was playing. Chopwell took on Shotley Club B at our place though so we still had a good night in The Chelsmford with a packed bar.

Both teams were playing just a bit below their usual standards but there were still some good individual performances and high scoring. The darts games alternate with dominoes games in this competition until a winner is found. The dominoes are somewhat of an equaliser so you don't get just the usual suspects dominating.

With a double start needed there is tension from the very start, and both teams took it in turns to struggle with a starting double. This was at odds with their excellent practice shots at doubles, and it just goes to show what a bit of pressure on the double can do.

Chopwell won it on the darts, ironically in a leg which they had trouble starting.
I'll be dropping a couple of posts about "doubles" over the next few days.

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