Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Chelmsford 8 - 2 Jolly Drovers

A Winter 2009/10 shot by Simon Dixon

We had another good result against The Joly Drovers in the Home leg last night. Usually I'd say it is the finishing which is the most important aspect, but last night our steady score building got us down to the doubles first and allowed the finishing to be without pressure in several games.

I had a chance to use the 3 dart 90 finish discussed by Zeeple, and for once the theory paid off for me in a League game. Definitely this time last year I would have gone T18 almost as a reflex, but I now don't think D15 should be avoided if it is part of a percentage shot like the T20 route which gives a few options during the throw. I must admit in a Doubles game I'd be mindful of not wanting to leave "15 to go" for my partner though.

Man of The Match was Peter, who opened our six Singles game with a very assured 18 darter to set us on our way.

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