Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Chelmsford 9 - 1 Shotley Club "B"

Practice darts

This was one of our best team efforts for a long time, playing against good quality opposition who are immediately above us in the League. Perhaps the 8 point swing we've gained in the last two games against them will have changed that.

We took a strong lead before losing one of the later Singles games. The big difference for us in this game was that we snatched a couple of Singles points which were looking unlikely and showed determination to stay in these games hoping for the slip-ups on their finishing which we needed. It might have been a 6-4 or 7-3 result without this aspect.

No Man Of The Match this week as I really felt this was a team performance.

The Singles cup is looming, and I hope a few of us can get into the next round.


Anonymous said...

Nice job Tommo. It feels great when the whole team puts together a good performance.

Tommo said...

Thanks Kevin. I'm keeping an eye on your progress to. Its going well!