Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Week Off

Steadier than my walking skills!

No league darts this week as we had a break. Actually I didn't realise we weren't playing and I rushed down on Tuesday night and had a heavy fall in the ice.

Nothing broken, but I'd put that down to the 4 layers I was wearing.
Have a great New Year and we'll be back out on the oche soon. I hope to have a pair of crampons by then. They won't improve the darts, but at least I'll get there in one piece :o)


Anonymous said...

Hope you had a happy new year Simon, we are back home to Tenerife tomm (Tues),We loved the cruise the caribbean was as hot as normal....
Will send you an email and some pics soon.
The darts are a blast Taylor is like a machine still not a patch on me and you eh mate ???????
see you Les

Tommo said...

Hi Les! I can't wait to get the pics and please tell me all about it. Tenerife is the place to be at the moment. I've never seen anything like the Arctic stuff we're getting at the moment. Take care and I'll write soon.