Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Chelmsford 2 - 8 Blackhill Club

I thought we played better than last week, but Blackhill's slick finishing condemned us to a heavier defeat. Not a great start on our new Blade III board!

The best Singles game of the evening was was a really quick affair with Nev showing absolute focus to edge out Peter who was keeping up with the high scoring. I could tell from the practice darts before their game that they were both going to go for it.

Peter won't want the MOTM with a scoreline like this, but he is getting it nonetheless as our best player on the night. We played well and showed determination despite the score, and I'm sure we'll pick the points up with more of the same.

I felt I prepared far better for this game and got my mental game right. I'll see if I can learn from this prep and try to figure out what works best.

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