Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Blackhill Club 7 - 3 Chelmsford

We kicked off the season with a reasonable effort against Blackhill Club. After narrowly losing the opening Team game of 1001X we managed to pull it back to 2-2, but from that point Blackhill lost only one further leg to make it a deserved 7-3 victory for them.

There were some great highlights on the night : Peter finished well in his Doubles game (a 98 with T5, T17, D16) and Nev finished on 102 against Peter who was scoring well.

Kris and I were involved in a case of robbery in our Doubles game. We were trailing heavily in the 701x leg due to superb scoring from Collie. He opened with a 180 and followed it up with a 140. The other shots from them were all decent too and I thought we'd be lucky to get out of the 300's but they ended up in the Mad House and Kris finished it for us on D16 to be our MOTM for a good evening's play.

It's a good throw up there. There's a new Blade III board, perfect lighting, and no distractions while throwing. They usually have the excellent Samuel Smiths beer up there, but the Cameron's
Ruby Red was just as good on the night.

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