Sunday, February 22, 2009

Barbados Darts Festival 2009

The dates are out for the 2009 Barbados Darts Festival, and as you can see from the picture John Lowe is not hosting it this year. I'm sure Wayne Mardle will do a great job, but I'll really miss John and Karen.

The 10 days quoted include all of the touring party activities and tournaments, but the serious participants from USA / Canada / Caribbean / Guyana etc usually only participate in the final four days for the major tournaments. I have a brief PDF format flyer which I can forward to anyone who'd like to see it : my e-mail address is simon dot d dot thomas at gmx dot com.

The package prices start from £770 per person sharing, but if you prefer to book it all yourself just make sure your hotel is in the St Lawrence Gap district. My initial rough calculations show that for just a little more money you could have a full 14 days and stay in better accommodation if you book it privately. Plus, the official party only fly from Gatwick which is a real pain for me.

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