Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Coach & Horses 6 - 4 Chelmsford

Unicorn Hero 95% T/A, 27g

We got off to a bad start last night, trailing by 300 points in the opening 1001X Team Game and allowing C&H the luxury of a leisurely point.

From this point though C&H seemed to ease off and a couple of them didn't play to their usual standards. This allowed us into the game and we managed to pick up 4 points and even feel we could have had more.

Kris and Alan P both hit a string of high scoring shots in their Singles games, and I was pleased with my own game. I think practising less is making me feel a bit more relaxed on match nights, and I'll post about this soon.


Anonymous said...

that was still a fairly good resuly for u

we won 7.3

when do we play u lot

Tommo said...

Hi Jay, we have to wait right until the penultimate fixture of the season on 12/05/09 at your place, and reversed the following week.

Anonymous said...

i hope it comes down to 3rd place this year