Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Chelmsford 8 - 2 Castleside

Good vertical accuracy on a practice board 180

Castleside made some minor changes to their team from last week, and most of the games were close despite the score. I found from my chats with them
last week that many of them don't play that often. This always rings the alarm bells for me and I went to great lengths to stay focused and take nothing for granted. The points they won in the Singles game against our rising player Kris and the Doubles game with our senior player Peter demonstrates this point.

The performance of the evening went to one of their players from Wigan who is currently contract working up here. He hit the highest finish of the night by taking out a 91 finish against Kris in a Singles game with an unconventional but effective T20 / S11 / D10.

Castleside also had an older player who hit the bull on most of his shots in the Singles game. This was helping him to score build very well, and I think the surprising number of bulls was rattling his opponent, Mark H. The game was tight to the end, with Mark very relieved to hit the winning double.

I was pleased to get a good string of steady 60's as well as some high scoring shots. Steady 60's are the holy grail for me. I'm sick of having to try to rescue 45's and 26's with 80+ shots.

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Anonymous said...

well done that was a good victory

we just threw points away and just won 7.3

the commy got beat 9.1 and 9.1