Sunday, August 03, 2008

New board, and a new personal 501 record

I've had the Unicorn Ecipse dart board for a few days now, and I now have a new personal best to break it in with - a 13 darter in a 501 game, which is an average of 115.62 per throw. The scores were 140, 140, 100, 81, and a D20 with the first dart. This is by far the best leg I've ever played. The other legs I played tonight were rubbish, but these brief highlights give me encouragement.

There have been no bounce outs whatsoever from the Unicorn Eclipse yet. The wiring is superb, and it is a huge improvement over the Winmau Blade III I've been using since August 2005. There are design problems with the Blade series which cause the wires to become raised from the board, and the treble wires can become flattened in a strange spider's web pattern.


Anonymous said...

The early Blade III was the only board where the web came away. I'd love to know how long the Eclipse lasts against it, nowhere near I'll bet.

Tommo said...

Thanks for the feedback - this is news to me. I must've had one of the early ones then, as the wire raising became very pronounced and a real problem for me. The bounce out seemed to get thrown behind the oche at force!

It was 3 years old when I replaced it and I'll check how the Eclipse compares over time.

Maybe I'll find the Eclipse wires are so thin it affects durability - I don't know, and I'll post the results in time. Still no bounce-outs though, and both boards are better than some of the rond wired ones we sometimes have to play League games on.