Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Oh Happy Day

I think the hat was meant to be a tennis stick cover

Surely all of us dart players know what it feels like to be beaten by someone who picks the darts up for the first time and just play the game for a laugh. It hurts. They never play you again, or anyone else for that matter, so you don't get the chance to exact any sort of pathetic revenge.

So imagine my glee to beat Deborah at tennis whilst on Holiday. She used to practice and everything. She thinks she's dead good. I beat her on pure serve and volley 6 love. To top it all I've laid the old tennis bat down and I won't give her a chance to, erm, exact any sort of pathetic revenge :o)


Zeeple said...

Holy raquets Batman, that has been my tennis fantasy for years (to beat someone soundly who is authentically good at the game). Well done. League starts in a couple of weeks here abouts as well. I hope you have a


season. Again, congrats on your athletic prowess.

Tommo said...

Thanks Zeeple! I must admit it wasn't really a serve and volley thing - more like just return the shot and let the opponent make the mistakes :o)